Winter is here Cleveland!!

Workers' Comp

It’s winter in Northeast Ohio and people are falling, tripping, slipping and breaking arms, shoulders, wrists and other body parts. Unfortunately, there is no liability for the natural accumulation of ice and snow. The key word is normal.

If the accumulation of ice and snow is caused by unusual conditions such as an overhang or a a gutter that leaks/overflows the key being here that the accumulation is not normal, then you may have a cause of action against the owner of that property. If snow is shoveled but not done properly the icy part is not natural and a claim can possibly be pursued if you get injured. Similarly, snow plows that are done improper or strike vehicles could be held responsible. Also, some parking lots or entrances to stores are not level they are graded and if the landlord knows or should have known about this they have a special duty to remove the ice and snow.

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Happy Holidays!

Winter is here Cleveland!!