We wish we could do more to help all of our friends who have been affected by Covid-19. As a small family-run law firm, we believe in treating everyone like family, and it's time to truly live up to those words. We might not be so-called "experts" in landlord-tenant law, probate, medicare, business, unemployment, domestic law, etc. but we are here to help the best we can. If you have a question about a lease or are being threatened to be evicted, reach out to us. If you got fired or need help interpreting operational by-laws or creating an LLC, reach out to us. If you have questions about unemployment or workers' compensation benefits, reach out to us.  If you are worried about your parenting schedule due to travel restrictions or paying your child support, reach out to us.

We are here for you during this uncertain time. For those who would like an appointment, we are available by video or phone call.

We can also be reached via email, phone: 216.621.0794, Facebook and Twitter. No question is too small, don't be shy.

These communications may not necessarily be secure or confidential, and that merely initiating contact with the attorney does not create an attorney-client relationship.