Three new car accident cases close out the New Year

New Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Bruce Taubman and Taubman finished 2014 with a a bang, Bruce Taubman signed up three new auto accident cases


The first a Husband & Wife were injured when a United States Mail Carrier struck the rear end of our clients car stopped at a red light. Both parties suffered soft tissue injuries to their head and necks

The Second car accident occurred on a freeway outside of Columbus, Ohio. A passenger in a car was broad-sided by another vehicle. He was complaining of injuries to both knees and shoulders. In addition, it appears that the other passenger in the car was injured and are in the process of engaging the services of Bruce Taubman and Taubman Law

If you or a loved one has been in an accident, let Bruce Taubman help you get the compensation you deserve. Bruce Taubman for over 35 years has been practicing personal injury, specifically car accidents. If you or a loved are involved in a car accident, don’t wait too long, contact us at Taubman Law for a free consultation so we can start helping you.

We don’t get paid unless you do.

Bruce Taubman and Brian Taubman wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Three new car accident cases close out the New Year