Navigating the System

The attorneys at Taubman Law know how to help you navigate the workers’ compensation system.

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If you’ve ever been injured at work and had to face the daunting state workers’ compensation system, then you know it’s a frustrating and intimidating process. At Taubman Law, we’ve heard horror stories from injured workers left on their own. Instead of taking this bumpy road, we offer the soothing perspective of skilled workplace injury attorneys who understand every detail of Ohio’s workers’ compensation law. At Taubman Law, our workers’ comp team focuses on your needs after you’re injured in the workplace.

In Ohio, workers’ compensation laws are ever-changing. If you’re not an experienced attorney, it is nearly impossible to keep up with the evolution of the law and all the latest court decisions. At Taubman Law, our attorneys keep their thumb on the pulse of the latest developments. In turn, we can explain what these changes mean to you to make the best case possible.

Moreover, we want to help protect your rights beyond basic compensation. Most people know that when they are injured they can receive compensation for medical bills and lost time. But those aren’t the only issues that come with a work injury. Did you know that workers’ compensation doesn’t pay for pain and suffering? However, there is a provision in the law to obtain permanent partial disability on your behalf. To our team, this means that we should work with you to look more closely at the facts surrounding your injury. During this process we may be able to see if a lawsuit against a third party is possible to fully compensate you for your injury.

Let the workers’ compensation lawyers at Taubman Law show you that an experienced law firm can make all the difference in a workers’ compensation case. We’ve been representing injury victims and helping them get the answers and the compensation they deserve for more than 35 years.

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Navigating the System