Settle Your Old Claim For Cash


Do you have a 2009 Workers’ Compensation Claim? If so and you need extra cash, this is the year that does not require your employer’s signature to settle your claim if you are no longer employed there. All claims prior to 2009 can be settled in this way. Remember, a workers’ compensation claim stays in the employer’s experience for only five (5) years.

January 1, 2014, all 2009 workers’ compensation will be out of the employer’s experience and can be processed the same way.

Bruce Taubman has settled hundreds of worker’s compensation claims both with self-insured and state-funded employees. In his 38 years of practicing workers’ compensation law in Ohio, Bruce has obtained the ability to properly assess your claim for its full potential and knows how to negotiate with parties in order to obtain that value. Bruce has spoken about workers’ rights on the radio, in classrooms and has made workers’ comp law in Ohio.

Recent Taubman Law 2011 settlements include a $58,000 state-funded claim that was allowed for lumbroscaral sprain and herniated disc at L5-S1 level and a $20,000 state-funded claim for a partially amputated right thumb and an $87,000 settlement for a worker whose claim is allowed for a torn right medial meniscus and a psychic condition prior to hearing for permanent total disability. In these settlements the people have exhausted all benefits before we pursued settlement.

At Taubman Law, we not only settle all types of claims, but we have been able to successfully keep claims open and active for over 38 years. Keeping claims active allows the claimant to receive the treatment necessary to become healthy, allows additional conditions that occur due to the previously allowed injuries, receive permanent partial disability (PPD) over multiple years and eventually increase the settlement value of his or her claim. Being able to properly work a claim is an art; Bruce has perfected this over the years.


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Settle Your Old Claim For Cash