Protecting Your Claim

The case for a workers’ compensation attorney.

How the attorneys at Taubman Law can ensure you are protected in your claim.

The workers’ compensation system in Ohio can be navigated without a lawyer. If you suffered an on-the-job accident, you don’t need an attorney to file a claim.

But to ensure that your rights are fully protected, the sooner you have an experienced attorney, the better.
Why? This is a question we get at Taubman Law all the time. With more than 35 years experience in workers’ comp claims, we know how to make them go smoothly. And, we also know what can go wrong – particularly if you have a serious or ongoing injury.

We want to help you understand how the process works and, if there’s potential for difficulty in your case, we want you to understand what the best course of action should be.

Let’s start at the beginning.

To qualify for workers’ comp benefits, you must follow the appropriate steps. If you suffer a work injury, you should immediately complete and file a written accident report. Additionally, you should also file a First Report of Injury Claim with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation as soon as possible. You can file this form as the injured worker or your treating physician or employer can complete it and file it on your behalf, or we can file it on your behalf. Nothing starts until you obtain a claim number.

When you first file your report, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will issue you a claim number. A claim number establishes an electronic file for you; however, filing a claim does not guarantee that you will receive benefits.

If your employer or anyone else contests the claim, the Bureau will refer the claim to the Ohio Industrial Commission for a hearing. You, your employer and your employer’s appointed representatives will receive a hearing notice. In some cases, an attorney from the Bureau will also appear on behalf of the Bureau at an Industrial Commission hearing.

Contested claims require Industrial Commission hearings. If an injured worker receives a hearing notice, it is a contested claim. In that case, it is imperative that the injured worker obtain legal representation.

It is because of this long process we recommend that you contact Taubman Law. If you decide to retain our services, there is no financial risk. In the rare event that we are unsuccessful, you do not have to pay us anything. We only ask for payment if we are successful in getting you the benefits you need. Contact us today to start with a free consultation.

Protecting Your Claim