May 2014 Settlements


Here are a few our May 2014 Settlements, they include a dual car accident claim with a workers compensation claim, Workers Compensation Settlements, PPD and TTD awards and more!

Pamela L.

We settled a personal injury claim (car accident) for $7,500.00 that is also an ohio workers compensation claim. After numerous conversations with the BWC they agreed to $2483.54 in full satisfaction of a $6120.30 lien and the workers compensation claim stays open and now they can pay claimant benefits she is entitled to such as PPD and TTD.

John D.

A $1,7000 settlement was obtained for an injured workers for a 2009 claim for an inguinal hernia after he already received 6% PPD 3 years ago. Also, we reactivated his 1997 claims so he could get treatments for his back.

Ken S.

A self-insured claim for a 2010 injury was settled for $8,250 after the injured workers had already received a 14% PPD and had stopped treating.

Lynda L.

A $1,300.00 settlement was obtained for a 2002 claim for a former City of Cleveland employee on an contusion to her knee for a claim she had forgot about.

Aleja A.

A 5% PPD increase was obtained after an original 3% PPD was paid 5 years ago for a Summit County Worker for a knee sprain

Yolandra G.

A 17% PPD was obtained for a city of Cleveland worker for a shoulder and psychological injury on a 2009 claim.

May 2014 Settlements